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Order - Freeze Out Crooks

Free for the Rest of Your Life

After a one-time-only set-up fee



Our one-time-forever fee is $39.95.


We are not credit card merchants because we don't want to know your credit card number. We also don’t want to know your Social Security Number, date of birth, or driver’s license number, so that in the event of a ‘hack attack’ the only information they can get from our computers will be the fact that we mailed you an envelope. That’s why we are one of the very few organizations on the internet that invites you the options to pay by personal check or PayPal.

Important Note:

We pre-print your Name and Address on the Credit Freeze request letters, so you must provide us with the name that is most used on your important documents, credit cards, loans, etc. - And the address we print should be the one used for your credit purposes for billing and statements.  We’ll mail your package to anywhere you prefer as indicated on your PayPal order or what’s printed on your check, but the Freeze letters must have the correct information requested above. If you pay by check provide an email address for us to send you the tracking number of your package.

Couples Discount:

Due to the fact that a Credit Freeze can only be set in force for one individual with a Social Security number, couples living together wishing to be fully individually protected must request two separate Credit Freezes – one for each.

If the two of you are both residing together and use the same address for credit purposes, we will prepare both of your Credit Freeze requests at the 50% discounted fee of $20 for the second one, making your total charge for the two of them (both sent in the same mailing) to $59.95.