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The website and the assistance offered by providing blank forms for the placement of Security/Credit Freezes with the 3 major credit bureaus is in no way intended to offer any legal advice to the public, or to suggest that the placing of a Credit Freeze limiting access to credit reports can prevent 100% of credit fraud or identity theft – but merely can prevent unauthorized release of one’s credit report to any unauthorized inquire.

Any laws mentioned herein may not be consistent with those in your jurisdiction, so it is strongly suggested that you check your state’s laws out either on the internet or by talking to an advisor – especially concerning your state’s rules on the Homestead Declaration and the one-time fee for placing a Credit Freeze fee that may vary from zero to 15 dollars depending on your state, your age, and whether or not you have been a victim of identity theft.

A full explanation of the benefits of a Credit Freeze are available in California Civil Code Section 1785.10 et seq., for any interested person to learn more about this valuable process available to the public.

Purchasers of the D.I.Y. Credit Freeze Kit and/or book are in no way discouraged from also pursuing additional services from other providers that monitor credit and other activities on a fee basis if so desired, and are encouraged to visit a website that suggests several of the most prominent of those providers at www.NextAdvisor.com

A more full discussion on more ways to prevent credit fraud and identity theft, facts about residential Homesteading, danger of common online fraud attempts, charts of various state fees, and much more are available in this website’s companion book FREEZE OUT CROOKS, available in paperback, digital and audio formats from Amazon.com.