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Free for the Rest of Your Life

After a one-time-only set-up fee


Unlike all the ‘Credit-Protection’ agencies, that tell you all the things they do… here’s what we don’t do:

• We don’t want to know your Phone Number;
• We don’t want to know your Social Security Number;

• We don’t want to know your Date of Birth;
• We don’t want to know your Driver’s License number;
• We don’t want to know your Credit Card Number;
• We don’t want to know your private PIN numbers at the Credit Agencies;
• We don’t want to charge your Credit Card every month forever;

There is a one-time processing fee to send you a complete professionally designed package that contains:

• Three written letter requests to place a Security Credit Freeze on your account;
• Each letter pre-printed with your name and address;
• Each letter pre-addressed to one of the three Credit Reporting Agencies;
• Each letter containing all that Credit Agency’s contact telephone numbers;
• Complete instructions on exactly what information to fill-in on each letter;
• Color-coded forms indicating where to fill in your private information;
• Envelopes for you to use when mailing your three Requests;
• Manila File Folder for your credit records;

Credit Freeze Kit

Use our Do-it-Yourself Credit Freeze Kit and Freeze Out Crooks